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1306 NW 13th ave.
Portland, Oregon 97209

(971) 248 0425

Sustainably-caught wild salmon, halibut, king crab, scallops and cod.   Sugpiaq Alaskan Seafood are cleaned and flash-frozen quickly after harvest, preserving the fresh-caught quality and taste. Establishing ourselves over multiple generations in the best Alaskan fishing grounds gives us access to the highest quality seafood available on the market.

Our hand-selected, Wild Alaskan Seafood contains no hormones, additives or GMOs. We are stewards of our Alaskan waters and Sugpiaq is an authentic, genuine Alaskan seafood company.

“For most, seafood is an industry, to me, a sugpiaq, it is part of my heritage, culture and lifestyle”. Isabella – President

Marine Stewardship Council Certified Sustainable

Alaskan Native Certified

Sun’ami Tribal Council Member


Quyanaa (Thank You!)



Albacore:  Spring & Fall

Consumer Wholesale Prices

Order reservations start 60 days before each specie's season.  For example: Crab order reservations start appx Aug 15th 

Do to our high quality & sustainable supply, pre-season orders are required to insure we can balance our order demand with our catch & supply production. 

Sugpiaq's seafood catch never leaves the US.  Sugpiaq catches, cleans, processes,     direct sells, and eats it own seafood.  No coloring, No chemical additives,             No water-retaining additives, No false labeling, No GMO modified fish.            Sugpiaq only catches ocean wild seafood from Alaska

Any confusion or questions contact us directly at:      or      907 *  345 * 3311   

Albacore: Spring & Fall

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Albacore: Spring & Fall


The forever, ubiquitous albacore.  You have probably eaten it out of a can in college, or at a sushi restaurant with friends, but have you really eaten great tuna?   This is the only seafood I eat outside of Alaska, but only if caught by my Canadian friend.  Tuna is not just tuna, just as industrial beef, chicken, & pork is even close to being as tasty or healthy as natural, free range animals.  Simple fact:  our tuna's oil content is 18% to 23%, the highest in the world.  Fresh tuna, sold almost everywhere, oil content is only 5% to 12% on average, which is great for shoyu and wasbi since it lacks flavor.  It is the difference between cream and cardboard.

Scientific Name:  Thunnus alalunga

Catch Area:  North Pacific Ocean - Canada

Style:  Whole Rounds;  H&G;  Fillets;  Portions

Grade:  Depends on Style

Packaging:  Totes,  Boxes,  &  Custom Box Sizes

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