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1306 NW 13th ave.
Portland, Oregon 97209

(971) 248 0425

Sustainably-caught wild salmon, halibut, king crab, scallops and cod.   Sugpiaq Alaskan Seafood are cleaned and flash-frozen quickly after harvest, preserving the fresh-caught quality and taste. Establishing ourselves over multiple generations in the best Alaskan fishing grounds gives us access to the highest quality seafood available on the market.

Our hand-selected, Wild Alaskan Seafood contains no hormones, additives or GMOs. We are stewards of our Alaskan waters and Sugpiaq is an authentic, genuine Alaskan seafood company.

“For most, seafood is an industry, to me, a sugpiaq, it is part of my heritage, culture and lifestyle”. Isabella – President

Marine Stewardship Council Certified Sustainable

Alaskan Native Certified

Sun’ami Tribal Council Member


Quyanaa (Thank You!)




Cama’i (hello)

Sugpiaq means “the real people” in our native Sugt’stuan language.  My name is Isabella and I am the owner of Sugpiaq’ and am a Sugpiaq and an Inupiaq Eskimo.  I’ve grown up in a fishing village where my life revolved around the seasons of the sea.

Sugpiaq natives are coastal people and have fished the Alaskan waters for 7,500 years.  We were one of the first Alaskan Natives to teach others how to fish and preserve fish in Alaska.  Sugpiaq uses our fishing experience in choosing the best Wild Alaskan Seafood and ensures your products are the healthiest, purest and sustainable.

Our Fisherman follow a strict quality controlled process ensuring our seafood are the highest quality in the world. Sugpiaq seafood is pure, sustainable and our icy waters are unpolluted. Our goal is to sustain our waters for future generations giving them the ability to fish in the same pure waters as we have.

Sugpiaq takes great care in selecting their ocean wild seafood products, even having some of it tested in an independent lab to ensure the highest quality standards possible.  Our Ocean Wild Sugpiaq Salmon taste a great deal different than river fish which are on their way up stream to spawn then die.

In the pristine waters of Alaska, it is against our laws to add color, hormones or farm raise any of our naturally organic wild salmon.   Our products are pure, ocean wild and only from Alaska.  Sugpiaq never sells from Canada or out of our beautiful Alaska.